NetSuite Input Dialog v2.0

Updated to fix issue caused by the 2022.1 NetSuite release. The NetSuite Input Dialog utility class extends NetSuite's N/ui/dialog module with the ability to capture...
Chidi Okwudire
7 min read

Certification Insight #8: What do I need to know for exam day and beyond?

Learn about your exam options, how to register, how to effectively share your results, and how to keep your certification(s) active.
Chidi Okwudire
4 min read

Certification Insight #7: What are the best resources for exam preparation?

Find out which resources are best for preparing for NetSuite certification exams. Spoiler alert: Most of them are free!
Chidi Okwudire
3 min read

Certification Insight #6: Which NetSuite Certifications are right for me?

Are you thinking of getting NetSuite certified but unsure which one(s) to pursue? This article provides the much-needed answers.
Chidi Okwudire
2 min read

Certification Insight #5: To be “certiFIVEd” or not to be “certiFIVEd”?

What does it means to be "certiFIVEd" and is that something for you? We've got the insights!
Chidi Okwudire
3 min read

Certification Insight #4: How valuable are NetSuite certifications? (Part 2)

Learn some of the key benefits of NetSuite certification.
Chidi Okwudire
3 min read

Certification Insight #3: How valuable are NetSuite certifications? (Part 1)

Curious about how valuable NetSuite certifications really are? Read this article and draw your own conclusions!
Chidi Okwudire
5 min read

Certification Insight #2: When is the best time to get certified?

Are you considering NetSuite certification but not sure if the time is ripe? Learn how to easily assess your readiness using the simple techniques...
Chidi Okwudire
3 min read

NetSuite Certification Insights

Thinking of getting #NetSuiteCertified? We've got you covered with our 8-part series on the subject! Already certified? We'd love to hear about your experience...
NetSuite Insights
36 sec read

Certification Insight #1: What’s your “why”?

Figuring out why you want to get NetSuite certified is a crucial first step. In this article, we share tips on how to do...
Chidi Okwudire
1 min read
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