In the years I’ve been working on the NetSuite platform, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some great people and see ingenious applications of systems engineering principles to solve real problems, powered by NetSuite. I’ve also seen several examples of how to mess things up big time and met folks who claimed to be experts only to create subpar solutions that were a maintenance nightmare or give ill-formed advice that set the client on the wrong path.

Reflecting on my own NetSuite journey, there are basic and not-so-basic things I really wish someone told me in those early days. While there are quite a few good resources on NetSuite out there, the NetSuite platform is so vast and rapidly evolving that no single resource (including this one) can provide all the insights you need. I created netsuite-insights.com to help fill the knowledge and expertise gap and in some respects to help raise the bar.

Knowledge is power, sharing knowledge is strength

Dutch saying (translated). Author unknown.

You probably have heard the saying “knowledge is power“. With knowledge comes two options – either you keep it to yourself and feel powerful or you share it and empower yourself and others.

NetSuite Insights is about empowerment. Not claiming to know it all but daring to share what we do know for the primary purpose of empowering you. We’ll bring you insights from thought leaders in the NetSuite community in a form that is easy to digest yet having depth. So whether you’re ERP “shopping” and wondering what NetSuite has to offer, or you’re the new NetSuite guy on the block aspiring to become an expert a.s.a.p. and wondering where to start, or you’re a seasoned NetSuite professional seeking to keep yourself informed and/or a platform to give back to the community, NetSuite Insights has something to offer you!

NetSuite Insights is about best practices, tips and tricks, and resources that go beyond the “light bulb” sections you might find here and there in documentation or training materials. We will foster open and candid discussions about challenges that most NetSuite users, administrators, consultants, decision-makers, etc. face and how to address them. We will shine the light on poor NetSuite practices while offering our thoughts on how to do better. We will highlight useful resources from the community and share our own free resources simply because you, my friend, deserve to know.

NetSuite Insights is also about stories because hardly are discoveries made in a vacuum. I love stories as they have a unique way of bringing the facts and insights alive. To maintain the privacy of the real actors and to avoid unnecessary name-calling, my insights are typically crafted around a fictive company – Asoville Inc.

NetSuite Insights is ultimately about cultivating and holding high standards in NetSuite practice.

I invite you to be a part of this exciting journey! I’ll let you know when new insights are published if you so desire. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Telegram, whatever works best for you. You can always drop me a line at stories[at]netsuite-insights.com. (I really love hearing from you and read every single message). Most importantly, I look forward to your own insights and perspectives, shared here or elsewhere!

Chidi Okwudire
Creator of NetSuite Insights