Asoville Inc.

Asoville Inc. is a fictive company that exists solely to tell a story.

Founded (futuristically) in 2050, Asoville started off as a furniture company but has since grown into an international venture with retail, manufacturing, e-commerce, financial services, etc. added to its portfolio.

With subsidiaries around the world and an ambition to grow further, Asoville desperately needed an integrated system to manage all of its operations and enable seamless integration with third-party applications.

In search of an ERP system, they found NetSuite. In finding NetSuite, they found… well, a lot of satisfaction… and a good dose of frustration too.

NetSuite Insights is, in a sense, NetSuite seen and experienced through their eyes. From migration to integrations, daily operations to NetSuite support, upgrades to downgrades (which really don’t exist in the NetSuite world), champagne moments to “aha!” moments and everything between. We will juxtapose Asoville’s story with the NetSuite Insights narrative for the fun of it; more so because, in the real world, there is often a story behind most insights.

Introducing the NetSuite Team at Asoville Inc.

These are the persons at Asoville that you need to know when it comes to NetSuite matters.

Kim Xu
Business Analyst & NetSuite Super User

Kim has a strong finance and systems design background. He was involved in the entire NetSuite selection and implementation process and boy, that was something! Currently, he also serves as the NetSuite champion at Asoville, bridging the gaps between management, the functional teams using NetSuite, and the dev/support team.

Edet Inek
NetSuite Administrator

Edet is the NetSuite Admin and a key member of the NetSuite Support Team at Asoville. She joined the company having general system admin and some software development experience and has learned a lot working with NetSuite mostly via trial-and-error. She loves her job and enjoys “mining” insights.

Larry Brown
Senior NetSuite Developer

Larry is the lead developer with years of experience as a professional software developer. His in-depth knowledge of the JavaScript language made picking up SuiteScript extremely easy. “To script or not to script?” That is the question he and Edet constantly need to battle over. There is (and probably will be) no clear winner but they certainly make a great team together.

Disclaimer: This company, its characters and any associations with the real world are completely imaginary. As such, any semblance to real people or entities is, as you rightly guessed, absolutely coincidental.