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Power Up Your NetSuite Investment with Slack Integration

Integration NetSuite and Slack can provide an amazing user experience, save your organization costs, and open doors to many possibilities. In this article, I...
0 4 min read

Learn Powerful Pattern to Create Rich Links Between Related Transactions

Learn a powerful pattern to define rich, meaningful links between multiple transactions (or any other record type) without ending up with duplicate subtabs, powered...
4 6 min read

Tip: How to Correctly Reference Transaction Types in Saved Search Formulas

When writing saved search formulas that require referencing transaction types, it is important to understand that the screen names of transaction types are customizable...
8 2 min read

Learn How to Generate Meaningful Rev. Rec. Journal Entry Memo Lines

Do you find the default Rev. Rec. Journal Entry line memos "Rev Rec Source" and "Rev Rec Destination" unhelpful or slightly annoying? We've got...
4 5 min read

Learn to Properly Solve the Journal Entry Backdoor/SOD Concern

Do you work in a NetSuite OneWorld account and use the intercompany transactions feature? Then chances are that your account has the "(AI)JE backdoor"...
0 4 min read

Learn Pattern for Delivering Webhooks with Dynamic Payloads to NetSuite Using Celigo

Learn a simple yet powerful pattern to transmit webhook (or any) data with a dynamic payload to NetSuite using Celigo.
0 3 min read

10+ Things You Need To Know About NetSuite Releases (2021.2)

It's that time of the year again - The 2021.2 release cycle is on! NetSuite performs two major releases every year. Proper preparation is...
2 8 min read

Learn How to Generate Meaningful Amortization Journal Entry Memo Lines

Do you find the default Amortization Journal Entry line memos "Amortization Source" and "Amortization Destination" unhelpful or slightly annoying? This article offers a scripting...
5 5 min read

How to Change a NetSuite Vendor’s (or Customer’s) Primary Subsidiary After Booking Transactions

By default, NetSuite does not allow changing a vendor or customer's primary subsidiary once transactions have been booked. However, as explained in this article,...
3 3 min read

Tip: Learn How to Easily Find NetSuite Preferences and Setup Options

Is the setting under Setup >> Company >> Enable Features, under Setup >> Accounting >> Accounting Preferences or elsewhere in the Setup menu. Stop...
0 2 min read
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