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Introducing the NetSuite SplitView Chrome Extension

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NetSuite SplitView Chrome Extension


In a previous article, I shared my journey and the challenges I encountered while working on a custom approval process. The need to open each transaction in a new tab for additional verification not only proved time-intensive but also significantly impeded productivity. It was this frustration that spurred me to take matters into my own hands, resulting in the creation of a SuiteScript library aimed at enhancing the experience of NetSuite users.

Fast forward to today, and I am thrilled to introduce NetSuite SplitView, a Chrome extension that builds upon the foundation of the original SuiteScript library I created. With this extension, you can now open NetSuite links in split view without the need for creating or deploying SuiteScripts and other dependencies. Gone are the days of tedious tab-switching and disruptions to your workflow. Simply install the extension, right-click on any NetSuite link, and click “View in NetSuite SplitView.” It’s that simple!

NetSuite SplitView Extension: Sample Use Cases

This Chrome extension is designed to cater to a broad spectrum of business scenarios. Whether you’re reviewing transactions for approval, viewing records from a search or within your NetSuite dashboard, or navigating complex workflows, this tool will streamline your tasks and enhance your overall experience within NetSuite. Here are some use cases for inspiration.

Viewing a record from a link on the NetSuite dashboard
Viewing related transactions
Viewing or modifying records from saved search results!
Viewing results from the global search bar directly in split view mode

The SplitView Chrome extension inherits the user theme and allows configuration of the default width as illustrated below.

Great UX with user color theme inheritance
The default theme can be adjusted to match user preferences


NetSuite May Render iFrame Contents Slightly Differently

To maintain the seamless execution of script dependencies within the SplitView, the extension incorporates an essential element into its operation. Specifically, it automatically appends the &ifrmcntnr=T parameter to any link leading to a NetSuite page as per NetSuite’s recommendations. This action is considered a best practice by NetSuite, particularly for iframes in Suitelets. However, it has proven to be effective in a wider array of scenarios involving iframes.

By incorporating this parameter, there may be a subtle variation in the visual representation of the page between the SplitView and the original page that does not carry this URL adjustment. This could manifest as elements like missing page- and record headers.

Missing Case Record Header
NetSuite strips out the page header and shows additional action buttons
Native NetSuite Case Record Page
The same page when loaded without split view

If we chose not to include the URL parameter, we would preserve the original visual presentation of the page in the split view. However, this decision comes at a cost; without the parameter, dependent native scripts may not load correctly, resulting in a loss of functionality. Balancing aesthetics with functionality is a key consideration in implementing this approach.

SplitView without the recommended “ifrmcntnr=T” does not behave correctly

It’s worth mentioning that we have no control over NetSuite’s internal product handling, which determines whether all dependencies are loaded on their pages. As a result, we cannot guarantee that this will be the case for every NetSuite page.

A notable limitation of this Chrome extension lies in its inability to display links from external sources. This restriction stems from the stringent security measures enforced by Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) protection mechanisms. These safeguards prevent potentially harmful scripts from executing in the extension’s context, but as a consequence, restrict the display of links from different origins. This ensures a safer browsing experience, albeit with some trade-offs for extension functionality.

Opening external links does not work due to XSS protection

SuiteScript Split Pane Library vs. SplitView Chrome Extension

At this point, you might be wondering whether you should implement the SuiteScript Split Pane library or use the Chrome extension. It ultimately boils down to your use cases. Here are two broad considerations.

  • Extensibility: The SuiteScript Split Pane library allows you to implement custom flows that are unique to your business processes e.g. automatically loading a particular document in split view. On the other hand, the Chrome extension is generic and allows you to manually open any link in split view.
  • Distribution: By implementing the SuiteScript library, you can make the functionality available to all (or a subset) of your NetSuite users without the end users doing anything. However, the extension will need to be installed in each user’s browser, and if your users, for whatever reason, do not use Chrome, you’re out of luck with this option.

    Note that Chrome offers to option to force install extensions for users in your organization via the Google Admin console. This might alleviate the need for users to individually install the Chrome extension.


So, how can you get your hands on this game-changing Chrome extension? Head over to the Chrome Web Store and search for “NetSuite SplitView”, or simply click this link.

Remember, this extension is not just about saving time; it’s about reclaiming those valuable moments wasted on tedious tasks and redirecting them toward meaningful work. 

Ready to take the leap? Visit the Chrome Web Store today and experience the power of the Chrome Extension for yourself. Your newfound efficiency awaits!

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Howell Manongsong Full Stack Developer based in Canada. NetSuite Certified SuiteCloud Developer. Creator of, and key contributor to the development of NetSuite's SuiteApp Marketplace. A philomath, driven by an insatiable curiosity and a relentless passion for learning.

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