10+ Things You Need To Know About NetSuite Releases (2023.1)

It's that time of the year again - The 2023.1 release cycle has started! NetSuite performs two major releases every year. Proper preparation is...
Chidi Okwudire
11 min read

Tip: Learn How to Isolate Bounced Email Addresses When a Multi-Recipient Email Fails

This article describes three ways to find out which specific email addresses bounced when a multi-recipient email shows status "Not Sent" (although the email...
Gaurav Ahluwalia
3 min read

Multi-Book Accounting – Crossing the Effective Period Boundary (Yes, you can!)

If you use NetSuite's multi-book accounting feature, this article will show you how to post entries to the Primary Book before the Effective Period...
Brian Wenzl
4 min read

Learn How to Generate Meaningful Amortization JE Memo Lines When Using Native or No JE Approval

Do you find the default Amortization Journal Entry line memos "Amortization Source" and "Amortization Destination" unhelpful or slightly annoying? This article offers an adaptation...
Michoel Chaikin
4 min read

NetSuite Input Dialog v2.0

Updated to fix issue caused by the 2022.1 NetSuite release. The NetSuite Input Dialog utility class extends NetSuite's N/ui/dialog module with the ability to capture...
Chidi Okwudire
7 min read

Comparison of SuiteScript Approaches to Find a Sublist Line with a Specific Value

NetSuite offers two ways to find sublist lines with a specific value: Looping over the entire sublist or using NetSuite's Record.findSublistLineWithValue method. This article...
Lukáš Astaloš
4 min read

How to Quickly Find the Particular Saved Search that Triggered an Email With a Custom Subject Line in NetSuite

How do you find the particular NetSuite saved search that triggered an email when the subject is different from the search's title? This article...
Chloë Windahl
3 min read

A NetSuite Sticky Headers Solution That Works

This article explains how you can easily make NetSuite sublist headers and floating action buttons sticky. This greatly improves usability and efficiency.
Chidi Okwudire
5 min read