Master How to Build a NetSuite User Access Audit Control Search

This article provides detailed steps on how to create a user access audit control saved search to help you monitor access to your NetSuite...
Chidi Okwudire
9 min read

Saved Search Deployment Failed? Try This Before Resorting to Manual Deployment!

Facing issues with failed saved search deployment? Chances are that you can avoid manual deployment. This article explains how!
Chidi Okwudire
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Introducing the NetSuite SplitView Chrome Extension

The NetSuite SplitView Chrome Extension opens NetSuite links in split view without the hassle of SuiteScripts and dependencies. No more tab-switching or workflow interruptions!...
Howell Manongsong
3 min read

Learn How to Generate Meaningful Amortization JE Memo Lines When Using Native or No JE Approval

Do you find the default Amortization Journal Entry line memos "Amortization Source" and "Amortization Destination" unhelpful or slightly annoying? This article offers an adaptation...
Michoel Chaikin
4 min read

How to Quickly Find the Particular Saved Search that Triggered an Email With a Custom Subject Line in NetSuite

How do you find the particular NetSuite saved search that triggered an email when the subject is different from the search's title? This article...
Chloƫ Windahl
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A NetSuite Sticky Headers Solution That Works

This article explains how you can easily make NetSuite sublist headers and floating action buttons sticky. This greatly improves usability and efficiency.
Chidi Okwudire
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