Chloë Windahl Business Systems Administrator with experience working for IT companies since 2006. Expert creative problem-solver. Passionate learner and highly motivated do-it-yourselfer with an interest in sharing knowledge to empower and support others throughout their adventures with NetSuite.


3 Stories by Chloë Windahl

How to Limit NetSuite Case Alert Emails to Business Hours (Yes, You Can!)

The Case Alerts feature in NetSuite can be a useful tool to alert users of support cases that fall within certain criteria. In this...
1 3 min read

How to Find Saved Searches That Use a Specific Field Within the Criteria, Results, Email Options, Formulas or Available Filters

Learn how to find all Saved Searches that use a specific field within the criteria, results, email options, formulas or available filters without using...
4 8 min read

How to Quickly Find the Particular Saved Search that Triggered an Email With a Custom Subject Line in NetSuite

How do you find the particular NetSuite saved search that triggered an email when the subject is different from the search's title? This article...
5 3 min read