Saved Search Deployment Failed? Try This Before Resorting to Manual Deployment!

Facing issues with failed saved search deployment? Chances are that you can avoid manual deployment. This article explains how!
Chidi Okwudire
11 min read

How To Understand The Dispatcher Script Pattern

The Dispatcher Script Pattern involves replacing multiple script deployments with a single "dispatcher" script. This article explains what it is, how to implement it,...
Chidi Okwudire
7 min read

3 Ways to Automate Reopening Closed NetSuite Transactions

Oops! You mistakenly clicked the "Close" button on a sales order or another transaction while attempting to click a different button. Now, you have...
Chidi Okwudire
10 min read

Enrich Your NetSuite Item Hierarchy With Dynamic Subitem Sublists and Active Subitem Counts

Learn how to use NetSuite's point-and-click tool to create an item sublist and produce a dynamic count of subitems. This is a must-have if...
Chidi Okwudire
4 min read