Understand The Dispatcher Script Pattern

The Dispatcher Script Pattern involves replacing multiple script deployments with a single "dispatcher" script. This article explains what it is, how to implement it,...
Chidi Okwudire
7 min read

Learn 3 Ways to Automate Reopening Closed NetSuite Transactions

Oops! You mistakenly clicked the "Close" button on a sales order or another transaction while attempting to click a different button. Now, you have...
Chidi Okwudire
10 min read

Enrich Your NetSuite Item Hierarchy With Dynamic Subitem Sublists and Active Subitem Counts

Learn how to use NetSuite's point-and-click tool to create an item sublist and produce a dynamic count of subitems. This is a must-have if...
Chidi Okwudire
4 min read