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How to Limit NetSuite Case Alert Emails to Business Hours (Yes, You Can!)

The Case Alerts feature in NetSuite can be a useful tool to alert users of support cases that fall within certain criteria. In this...
Chloƫ Windahl
3 min read

How To Expose Unapplied Customer Deposit or Payment Amount in a NetSuite Saved Search

Crafting a single saved search that shows the applied vs. unapplied portions of a Customer Deposit or Customer Payment is not as difficult as...
Chidi Okwudire
6 min read

Tip: Learn How To Hyperlink Multi-Select Fields in NetSuite Saved Search Results

In this article, we explain how to hyperlink multi-select fields in NetSuite saved search results using regular expressions; this is very handy as previous...
Chidi Okwudire
3 min read

Tip: Learn How to Isolate Bounced Email Addresses When a Multi-Recipient Email Fails

This article describes three ways to find out which specific email addresses bounced when a multi-recipient email shows status "Not Sent" (although the email...
Gaurav Ahluwalia
3 min read

Understand Line ID vs. Line Sequence Number in NetSuite Transactions

NetSuite transaction lines feature multiple IDs e.g. Line ID and Line Sequence Number. In this article, we explain the differences between them and which...
Chidi Okwudire
4 min read