NetSuite Certification Insights

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Getting certified in any domain could be a good way to stand out from the crowd. In this free 8-part series, we share essential insights on NetSuite's certification program. We hope that what you learn will help you make more informed assessments.

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Certification Series

In March 2022, we published our 8-part series on NetSuite certification. This is a revised version of the NetSuite certification email newsletter that we originally published in February 2021 and will be refined as NetSuite certification evolves.

Certification Survey

While the series above are a reflection of the author's thoughts on NetSuite certification, the perpetual certification survey that's been running since January 2021 reflects the thinking of the community on the subject matter. Our hope is that the combination of both resources will provide you with a balanced view. Taking the survey will also unlock the anonymized aggregated survey results so that you can see how others think about the subject.

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