User Empowerment

Introducing the NetSuite SplitView Chrome Extension

The NetSuite SplitView Chrome Extension opens NetSuite links in split view without the hassle of SuiteScripts and dependencies. No more tab-switching or workflow interruptions!...
Howell Manongsong
3 min read

Power Up Your NetSuite Investment with Slack Integration

Integration NetSuite and Slack can provide an amazing user experience, save your organization costs, and open doors to many possibilities. In this article, I...
Chidi Okwudire
4 min read

Tip: Learn How to Easily Find NetSuite Preferences and Setup Options

Is the setting under Setup >> Company >> Enable Features, under Setup >> Accounting >> Accounting Preferences or elsewhere in the Setup menu. Stop...
Chidi Okwudire
2 min read

Learn How to Easily Generate Reliable Links to NetSuite Help Center Articles

Learn the main differences between the NetSuite Help Center and SuiteAnswers as well as how to produce reliable links to Help Center articles using...
Chidi Okwudire
5 min read